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A Simpler Way of Life and the Need for Fallout, Part I

I would like to address a point before we really begin on this journey of writer and reader, blogger and bloggee, so that hopefully you will all understand me a little better. It’s not a huge point, or one of major profundity, simply a statement that will act as a disclaimer for the majority of … Continue reading

2013 USPA Missouri State “Show Me” Classic Meet Write-up

So, after a good number of years of training, watching innumerable YouTube videos involving (typically) bloated, hairy dudes squeezed into skin-tight polyester briefs, suits, and shirts, reading message board and forum posts arguing about squat depth, supplementation, training methods, etc, etc, etc, I have finally competed in my first powerlifting meet. This past weekend, I … Continue reading

What have you buried?

Facebook has become, for better or worse, one of the major aspects of our lives. What started as a college-only social network has, as everyone knows, ballooned/blossomed/exploded/erupted/ejaculated into one of the biggest mutha’fucka’s on the Internet. We put everything there–out contact information, our favorite x-y-z’s, photos from our nights out (glamorous or otherwise), random shit … Continue reading

Getting stapled sucks.

Well, things have been moving along as they always do, albeit with a few unexpected twists here and there. As you may have noticed, writing/updating this blog hasn’t been very high, if even on, my list of priorities. It’s not that I don’t feel the need or desire to write–to be honest, there’s been a … Continue reading

Sharkbait, hoo-ha-ha.

Hey there, it’s me, Jim. You know, the guy who sometimes feels the need to get online and smash away irritatingly at some keys in the hopes of entertaining a rather select group of individuals with musings and insights from his day-to-day life. The same guy, I’ve heard, who likes to attempt humorous intros to … Continue reading

Quick update.

So, I was planning on writing a new update, since it’s been awhile, but, after logging in and then starting at the blank screen and blinking cursor, I decided not to. Well, at least not a full-blown, “This is what I’m doing with myself these days, thanks for reading my short novel,” kind of update. … Continue reading

Television sucks.

I hate commercials. Really, I hate them. They portray unrealistic situations and scenarios that, in real life, no one would ever find themselves in. I hate them in color, I hate them in black and white. They, commercials, make the American public seem downright stupid, and we do nothing but further that image by buying … Continue reading

Unrelated, But My Girlfriend Can Chug Beer Faster Than Me.

Hell yeah blog update! Life’s been great lately. Work is going well, lifting has been super solid, and everything outside of that has been pretty awesome as well. As of now, I’m in the process of writing a 12-week summer program for the men’s and women’s swim teams. I’m basically taking the program they’re on … Continue reading

An Exercise In Loquaciousness.

I am suffering from an immensely insurmountable case of writer’s block at the moment. It is absolutely, unorthodoxly, cosmically, Brobdingnagianally and Kryptonianally frustrating. I’m sitting here, fingers hovering all-but-impotently above the keyboard, wanting nothing more than to let slip the dogs of war, so to speak, but am finding myself naught but tethered and bound. Looking back, … Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

You know, for as much as I think about things, very little ever gets put to paper, or rather, to screen. I often find myself, at various points during the day or night thinking about random stuff that, at that moment, seems interesting, engaging, and compelling, but if I don’t at least jot something down, … Continue reading

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