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What have you buried?

Facebook has become, for better or worse, one of the major aspects of our lives. What started as a college-only social network has, as everyone knows, ballooned/blossomed/exploded/erupted/ejaculated into one of the biggest mutha’fucka’s on the Internet. We put everything there–out contact information, our favorite x-y-z’s, photos from our nights out (glamorous or otherwise), random shit we find interesting from other sites, and, my favorite, drama-filled status updates that are seemingly important enough to share with people who, despite having some sort of personal connection with the User, usually have zero stock in the events at hand.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, Facebook is an archive of memories, good and bad, happy and sad, and everything in between. Facebook is a gold mine of histories and stories, and the newly adopted Timeline feature has made indexing those histories all the easier.

We all have a history, and we all have stories. There are things that we have done, people we have met and shared our lives with, things that we have felt, thought, lived through, and experienced, and we have all managed to make it through more or less intact.

But in order to make it out intact, we sometimes have to bury things–memories, people (not literally), and shards of what has happened and who we used to be. The person you are today is not the person you were yesterday, nor will you be the same tomorrow. The degree of change might be minimal, infinitesimal, and/or negligible, but it is still there.

Facebook both allows and prohibits this action, in that you, as a user, are capable of ‘defriending” and/or blocking another user in order to maintain a degree of privacy, security, or anonymity, while simultaneously allowing you to “creep”, however superficially, on someone you are no longer friends with (even if you’re only able to view their main profile/cover page).

Thus the onus is on the user to maintain the disconnection and distance, enforce and ensure the separation, and, if life has taught us anything, it’s that we are often very bad at doing the things we need to. We are social beings, and as such, always seem to have some interest in the affairs of others, especially those who we no longer communicate with. it’s always entertaining to dig and discover some juicy bit of gossip on an ex-lover or friend. But, with that, comes the reminder of that person, and the resurrection of their memory, and, furthermore, what you have buried of them.

Try something for me–look at a picture of an old friend or lover, and try not to think of even one thing about that person. Try not to remember a moment you shared, a laugh you heard, or the touch of their skin. Conversely, try not to remember the fights you had over nothing, the things you hated that they did, and the reason you are no longer connected to that person.

So my question to you is this–What have you buried?


Edit: This is my 100th post! Fuck yes.


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Jim is a semi-competitive powerlifter, strength and conditioning coach, and all-around nice guy. He loves flannel and IPA's.


One thought on “What have you buried?

  1. Nothing. No regrets.

    Posted by 1111 | March 6, 2012, 6:32 am

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