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Television sucks.

I hate commercials. Really, I hate them. They portray unrealistic situations and scenarios that, in real life, no one would ever find themselves in. I hate them in color, I hate them in black and white. They, commercials, make the American public seem downright stupid, and we do nothing but further that image by buying the things advertised in those ridiculous commercials. I just watched a commercial for “Clean and Clear” in which the scene switched between two girls dancing in a studio and washing their hair (not together…), and after it was over, I felt straight up dumb. No one is that fucking happy about washing their hair, I don’t care how many different types of extracts or formulas the makers put in. I don’t care how “recharged” or “refreshed” one may feel after showering–no one gets that excited. Commercials have become, in my mind, nothing but a pissing contest between product makers to see who can make the most gimmicky skit. I don’t need flashy lights or catchy music…just tell me what the product is, what it does, and how, if at all, it applies to me. I don’t need to see a Broadway show every time I turn on the TV.

On to lifting. We have a short week this week due to Easter, so I had to get most of my lifting out of the way earlier in the week. I pulled on Monday, and posted the video in my last update, and benched and did hang snatches on Tuesday. The bench went well, and the hang snatches were, for the most part, alright. I’m still working on my technique, and am not so used to moving with explosive force, as is necessary in Olympic movements.

Here are the videos of the hang snatches. (95×4, 115×4, 135×4, 155×4)

As the weight progresses, my form starts to break down. I’m not getting much hip drive and am muscling the weight up more than using proper technique to pop it up. It’ll come though, I’m not worried. I just need to keep practicing.

My bench went much better than the hang snatch. Here’s how that broke down.

Bench: 205×3, 230×3, 260×9 (PR)

I was very happy with the 260×9. It moved well, and I managed to bang out a good 4 or 5 reps before having to pause and rest.

I notice that I have a lot of head action, meaning I pick my head up from the bench with every rep. I don’t really need to do it, but at this point it’s a habit, and unless it starts to affect my form (flattening out my arch) I’ll keep doing it. Personally, I like seeing where the bar touches on my chest. It helps me stay consistent, especially with higher rep sets.

That’s all for now. Just a quick update and some videos. Thanks for reading.

Stay yoked and loked.


About Jim

Jim is a semi-competitive powerlifter, strength and conditioning coach, and all-around nice guy. He loves flannel and IPA's.


2 thoughts on “Television sucks.

  1. Your snatch form looks pretty good. I think you may be rocking a bit too far forward and missing out on some posterior chain power. The weights obscure your hip position though, so I can’t really be sure. That’s pretty good weight though, so you must be doing something right 🙂

    Posted by Jeff | April 21, 2011, 7:46 am
    • Yeah I’m still having trouble really “popping” my hips through. Even when squatting or deadlifting, I’ve never driven my hips through at the top of the lift (until recently) so I think I’m still learning how to do it. I did notice that I squat down a little too much, too.

      Posted by Jim | April 21, 2011, 11:19 am

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